Why Cheapening Out On Employee Training Can Harm Your Business

Employee training is a necessary part of a functioning workspace. If you don’t provide your hires with a thorough introduction to standards, expectations, lessons on the company’s software and programs and a guide to succeeding your particular corporate climate, you’re going to have employees that don’t mesh well, don’t feel guided or well-directed, doubt your managerial skills, don’t understand what’s … Read More

What the Millennial Workforce Means For Employers

For years, millennials have been characterized as irresponsible, uncommitted workers who are more focused on their phones than doing real work. But while previous generations may want to make fun of millennials, the Pew Research Center notes that they became the largest share of the workforce in 2015 and will only grow larger for the near future. The size of … Read More

Why Data Science Is The Fastest Growing Job Sector

Today’s global economy might be roaring ahead at full speed to the benefit of professionals in all fields, but few industries have seen such astonishing growth in recent years as data science has. Around the globe, data scientist, machine learning professionals, and coders have seen their fields grow immensely, and are continuing to deal with clamoring demands for their services. … Read More

Should You Reinvent An Industry As A Business Idea?

If you’re looking to break into an industry with a big, revolutionary idea, be sure you’ve done your homework first. Lots of entrepreneurs get excited about the idea of reinventing an industry and making bank, and that’s definitely a viable possibility to pursue. But you have to go in with thorough research and knowledge about what your competition is, what … Read More